Speckly Application

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Speckly Application

Post by corbenmv on Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:50 am

Main's Name: Speckly
Main's Class: Beastlord
AA/Tomes: 236 AAs, 0 tomes as of the time of this post.
Giant/Dragon Faction: Starting dragon as of about a week ago.
Alternate Characters (Class/Level): Viserion (27 warrior) Dunkoc (65 monk) Corbonis (64 cleric)
Quests done Done with Hatesfury B part of MQ. Working on combine armor, vah, and dragon faction. Sadly no others.

Sponsors: I have spoken with Plepi about Last Stand, but unfortunately I have not gotten such an opportunity as to converse with other members!

1. I'm from Seattle in Washington, and that's where I live now. Really my only schedule is that I have a sort of a commitment during most weekdays, and although I will occasionally be able to attend raids through monday to friday, I pretty much always play on weekends and sometimes after normal business hours,

2. Experience - I have experience with most classes in raiding. The only classes I haven't rolled yet are enchanter and magician, everyone else I can pick up really easily without many difficulties. I raid usually in PUGs when they are called, and have the most experience in places such as Prison, Factory, Yclist, and all other iksith raid zones. To get to the point I am very experienced raiding, and really love getting to know new bosses and other guild members' strategies of doing content.

3. Guild History – I haven't really been in a "real" guild if you understand what I mean. I'm in <Vintage> with two of my alts, but many of the guilds that I have applied to have schedules that don't seem to work as well as you guys seem to.

4. Other - I am a very motivated player who enjoys the social/other experiences of being in a guild. Although I am slightly more of a casual player in general, you can pretty much always count on me to be able to box someone in a pinch or be there quickly to have fun and help when stuff is going down in some zone. You guys seem like really nice people based on what I've heard, and although I don't know a whole lot of the members, Last Stand seems like the kind of guild that I want to be in. I'm not the best character gear-wise, but I will certainly contribute to Last Stand to the best of my ability. Thanks guys!


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Re: Speckly Application

Post by Binsin on Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:37 pm

I was very busy all day yesterday, ill be looking for you today to tag you. You should download discord too as thats our main way of communicating outside the game.


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